This 6 week boutique masterclass for leaders, entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals will accelerate your learning and give you the skills, tools and knowledge to think critically in your professional and personal situations.

Shift from autopilot to flying the plane, get clarity in your thinking, purpose and actions. Add more value in your workplace, improve the bottom line and have more fun in your free time! 

This is an interactive learning experience, designed for busy people wanting maximum value for their time and a flexible approach. Delivered through LIVE online masterclasses, with experiments and reflections to complete in your own time alongside group support for greatest impact.  

"I really enjoyed the content & format and highly recommend it to anyone who is curious to learn more about the way we think. Bethan facilitated the course so well - learned lots and had fun along the way."

Ann, Talent Engagement Lead

"I came away with lots of knowledge and refreshed thinking that has had a positive impact on my personal and professional life. 

I sincerely believe that everyone regardless of background and experience would benefit from learning critical thinking from Bethan."

Brooke, Regional Coordinator

"This course is a fantastic resource that will change the way you think in your everyday life. Bethan is a passionate facilitator who teaches in an engaging and accessible way. I particularly enjoyed the weekly reflection exercises. It was well worth the time and money. "

Nora - Writer 

In just 6 weeks you will:  

  • Make better decisions, solve problems, focus and reflect each day. 
  • Embed habits that will x10 your future self
  • Accelerate your team or business success outcomes using critical thinking. 
  • Carve out space to apply valuable tools and learning in your busy week.

Clarify your direction, align your actions to your values and take action to move closer to YOUR definition of success. 

What are the outcomes?

Everyone feels clearer, more focused and more confident (check the tesimonials!)

People also credit this program with helping them:

  • lose weight, 
  • exercise more, 
  • quit their jobs, 
  • start a business, 
  • decide to move house, 
  • move overseas, 
  • make babies, 
  • get divorced, 
  • sell their business.... 

What could your major shift be?

Who are you?

You're an executive level decision maker, and you want tools you can apply with your team as well as valuable to you as an individual. 

You're an entrepreneur, wanting to make decision and solve problems more effectively and have a group to bounce ideas and learn more. 

You're an ambitious emerging leader, and you know critical thinking skills are essential to stand out from the crowd. 


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Sound like you?

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Your facilitator

Bethan Winn is an engaging, accomplished facilitator in critical and creative thinking, decision making, problem solving and communication skills 

She has 20 years experience in education and training across government, business, NFP and education sectors.

Passionate and practical, she can help you get clarity, build connection and get confidence. She'll empower you with the tools you need to make a difference to your career and the bottom line of the business. 

Find out more here:

Engaging delivery

Fun, fresh delivery and practical tools you can apply immediately. 

Tailored content

A live, bespoke program, responsive to the needs of our small group.  

Connection & Support 

Discuss ideas with diverse leaders and build your network (and net-worth!)

Secure your place now!

Every registration = two trees planted. 

Bethan values learning, fun, community and sustainability. In addition to offsetting carbon, Bethan will plant two trees for each participant through Carbon Neutral, WA.

Critical Thinking for Leaders is going to help you:

  • Challenge your thinking and long held beliefs about your personal and professional life. 
  • Embed habits with built in accountability.
  • Set your own experiments to actively apply learning. 
  • Have practical strategies for decision making and problem solving.
  • Feel confident about your path forward in any area of life. 
  • Get more done in less time, with a clear sense of purpose and direction.
  • Align your values, choices, beliefs and habits. 
  • Consciously create your future. 
  • Have a new team of connections you can call upon for life!

What's in the program?

We cover the skills (e.g. analysis, evaluation) knowledge (e.g. logic, bias, mental models) and attitudes (e.g. curiosity, courage) and create the headspace to APPLY them to your decisions and challenges. 

So over the 6 weeks we cover... 

Week 1: Habits of mind for leaders

How to embed high yield habits and engage the three thinking modes all leaders need. 

You will self nominate two habits you will work on throughout the masterclass. 

Week 2: Reframing for success

Engage your creativity to turn obstacles into opportunities in any situation.

Week 3: Perception and Bias 

How to effectively read people and situations, including your own thoughts. 

Week 4: Practical Logic

Analyse and create persuasive arguments.

Week 5: Better Decision Making

A Toolbox to make and own better choices each day. 

Week 6: Effective problem solving 

Mental models to approach any challenge.


Alongside these topics, you will have a little challenge or experiment to apply each week to further your knowledge or reflections. 


  • FIRST FIVE REGISTRATIONS - free one to one coaching session with Bethan (valued at $350)
  • Frameworks and templates, tailored to your situations.
  • Active learning alongside a diverse group of leaders;
  • Alumni support, events and check-ins well into the future!
  • Full colour printed workbook delivered to an address of your choosing with bonus materials! 
  • Checklists and tools you can take back to your business, team or family;
  • Private LinkedIn group for ongoing support;
  • Optional check-ins and buddy support for accountability.
  • Replays of all content to review and replay at your leisure for the duration of the course.
  • Plus much more!

“Bethan is an engaging presenter who takes the time to understand her clients’ needs while making the content very relevant and fun! Our team have taken away a number of practical techniques from her course which has already paid dividends within our workplace.”

Ryan - Partner

"Bethan had a lovely energy, clearly really cared about what she was teaching and engaged a range of different learning styles. (Auditory, visual, kinetic). The content was really valuable. I'll apply this learning at work and at home" 

Participant feedback - Public Sector Commission Training. 

"The programs helped me realise what I do well but also what I need to improve on and how, highly recommend working with Bethan and enrolling in her program."

Ben - Accountant

First 5 registrations will receive a free one to one coaching session

(valued at $350)

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Payment Plan


3 x Monthly Payments

  • Easy for cashflow with 3 split payments
  • 6 x weekly live group coaching calls
  • Lifetime access to our Critical Thinking for Leaders Online Course and private Linkedin group where you can share your questions and get feedback and support anytime.
  • Extra BONUSES!

Up Front


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  • Discounted rate for up-front payments 
  • 6 x weekly live group coaching calls
  • Lifetime access to our Critical Thinking for Leaders Online Course and private Linkedin group where you can share your questions and get feedback and support anytime.
  • Extra BONUSES!



Limited Time Only

  • Limited offer for those who sign up early 
  • 6 x weekly live group coaching calls
  • Lifetime access to our Critical Thinking for Leaders Online Course and private Linkedin group where you can share your questions and get feedback and support anytime.
  • Extra BONUSES!

Frequently Asked Questions

Money-back guarantee:

If you don't feel you achieved the program outcomes on completion of the program, you can ask for your money back. 

You've everything to gain and nothing to lose! 

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