This 4 week program for emerging leaders and future partners in finance and accounting is designed to accelerate your learning, put you in the driving seat and give you the skills, tools and knowledge to progress your career, meet more clients and win more business.

Build your confidence in a supportive environment. Create better connections with your network, colleagues and clients and get clarity in your thinking, purpose and actions. Add more value in your workplace, improve the bottom line and have more fun in your free time! 

In 4 weeks you will:  

  • Be networking more confidently, internally and externally;
  • Have practical strategies for effective communication;
  • Have tools to take charge of your workload and learning;
  • Get more done in less time, with a clear sense of purpose and direction.
  • Have a new team of close connections in your industry, you can call upon for life! 

Increase productivity, improve teamwork and bring in more clients with these transferable skills.  

Who are you?

Do you want to network but you're not sure know how to start?

Is the world of work a bit overwhelming sometimes?

Do you feel anxious about calling clients?  

Are you good with numbers, but find it hard to get your message across? 

You want to progress you career and still have a life? 

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Sound like you?

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Your facilitator

Bethan Winn is an engaging, accomplished facilitator in critical and creative thinking, decision making, problem solving and communication skills 

She has 20 years experience in education and training across government, business, NFP and education sectors.

Passionate and practical, she can help you get clarity, build connection and get confidence. She'll empower you with the tools you need to make a difference to your career and the bottom line of the business. 

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Ryan Lucas, Partner at Dry Kirkness Chartered Accountants

“Bethan has assisted our team greatly with her recent workshops. She is an engaging presenter who takes the time to understand her clients’ needs while making the content very relevant and fun! Our team have taken away a number of practical techniques from her course which has already paid dividends within our workplace.”

Engaging delivery

Fun, fresh delivery and practical tools you can apply immediately. 

Tailored content

A bespoke program, with input from across big 4, mid-tier and boutique firms. 

Connection & Support 

Meet young professionals from across Perth and build your network of friends in finance. 

Register now for February 2022

Session 1: Self-leadership and owning your day – Starting late Feb dates TBC

  • Managing a busy workload and prioritizing your day, week and month;
  • Strategies for when you're overwhelmed. 
  • Energy, Time and Attention management for success;
  • Use active micro reflections to keep on course and check your purpose;
  • Effective time blocking and habit building.


Session 2: How to build your network and net-worth:

  • The three crucial steps for successful networking;
  • Practical guides to the Perth networking scene;
  • Dealing with nerves and shyness in a crowded room;
  • How to start, break in to and leave conversations;
  • Listening skills and build trust with your colleagues;
  • Building relationships that are mutually beneficial and fun!


Session 3: Communicating with impact – Extended session:

  • Helping stakeholders to understand the numbers;
  • Communicating the ‘so what’ successfully;
  • Get to the point that your audience wants to hear (WIIFM?);
  • Turning statistics in to stories; 
  • Finding the balance of pragmatic overview vs finer details;
  • Getting above the data, seeing the bigger picture;
  • Using logic, emotion and authority to influence;
  • Using cognitive biases and argument tricks to your advantage.


Session 4: Upskilling yourself – Evening session ( + Afterparty!)

  • Effective methods to accelerate learning;
  • Managing your own learning strategy;
  • Building your skills by training others;
  • Leveraging curiosity to build your knowledge base;
  • Taking risks and taking initiative;
  • Making decisions and solving problems effectively.

After each session you be set a short task, to apply the learning from the session in the real world, to reflect on and discuss the following session.


  • ‘Done for you’ email templates, tailored to your situations;
  • Top 13 engaging conversation starters;
  • Networking checklist for before, during and after an event;
  • Powerhouse problem solving time and tools;
  • Private LinkedIn group for ongoing support;
  • Optional daily check in to aid habit formation;
  • Cross culture communication infographics for international participants and clients.
  • Plus much more!

Robert Dalton, Founder and Managing Director at Seriously Good Accounting

“Bethan’s workshops and coaching have really added value for my business. They're a breath of fresh air compared to the topics I usually attend, such as tax, law, insurance which can be very dry subjects. My confidence in networking and presenting has transformed and it’s brought in lots of new connections and work.”

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Money-back guarantee:

If you don't feel you achieved the program outcomes on completion of the program, you can ask for your money back. 

You've everything to gain and nothing to lose! 

Participant Feedback, Public Sector Commission Graduate scheme. 

"Bethan had a lovely energy, clearly really cared about what she was teaching and engaged a range of different learning styles. (Auditory, visual, kinetic). The content was really valuable. I'll apply this learning at work and at home" 

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